Thanks to the technology we work with, we can manufacture shoulder pads of any shape, size and height.



We adapt to the specific needs of each client to manufacture the ideal shoulder pad according to their tailoring projects.

We can manufacture shoulder pads for men and women clothing, whether they are washable (100% polyester) or non-washable (filled with cotton).

By working with cotton fill, we offer materials with greater ergonomics, functionality, and recovery.


What is the minimum order of shoulder pads that you can manufacture?
There is no minimum order, we can adapt without problem to the monthly production needs of our customers. We have worked with projects from 500 to 30 thousand pairs of shoulder pads per month.
Can you develop or match a shoulder pad pattern?
Yes. Our Tailoring department specializes in creating and adapting materials according to special requirements. We can manufacture any type of shoulder pad and integrate different components to achieve different results.

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