We manufacture a wide range of materials to produce small shirt parts.

We can use woven and nonwoven fabric, from 110 to 155 gr/m2, to give firmness, volume and body to garments.



Collar stand band


Front placket




What kind of interlinings do you offer?
  • For soft interlinings, we recommend our products with codes 1270-S, 1264-S, 1260-S, and 1259-S. They are used for front plackets, collars, and cuffs.
  • For firm interlinings, we recommend our products with codes 1264-R, 1260-R, and1259-R. They are used for collars, and cuffs.
How can I put together a collar stand band?
You can use different bases and reinforcements by combining our interlinings in weights and touches. For more information, contact one of our specialists.

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