We make the widest range of products for the medical sector, complying with the highest standards required by this industry.



  • The use of disposable surgical uniforms reduces post-operative infections by 65%, compared to reusable or cotton uniforms.
  • Reduction in time, resources and storage spaces.
  • Gamma Radiation Process with ISO-9001 certification, which allows us to extend a sterility guarantee.

Some of our products


Disposable surgical gowns


Disposable shoe covers


Mob caps


KN95 face masks


Which materials are your surgical scrubs made of?
Our surgical scrubs are made of polypropylene, SMS, antiviral and repellent laminates. They are antistatic, slip resistant, flame retardant and tear resistant.
What laboratory tests do you perform on the materials?

Depending on our clients requirement, we carry out tests of:

  • Liquid repellency
  • Endurance
  • Absorption
  • Weight
  • Abrasion
How do you guarantee the quality of your disposable medical products?
Our Quality Management system is backed by ISO-9001 Certification. All our suppliers are certified and our raw materials are carefully selected to ensure the quality of the final product.

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