We are business partners with Tesca Group, working on seat fabric manufacturing projects.


Our experience developing textile materials allows us to cover all the processes in the manufacture of car seat upholstery:

  • Tissue
  • Finish
  • Laminate

This way, we ensure quality throughout the entire process.

How do we do it?

Our clients send the seat design they need.

We review the technical requirements together with the client.

Our Innovation and Development Department manufactures the material following customer specifications.

We send the finished material to the client.

We carry out post-sale support, ensuring that the material is working correctly.


What kind of tests do you perform on your materials?
The automotive industry requires a variety of tests that vary from customer to customer. We subject our products and materials to all necessary tests to meet the specifications requested by our clients.
What kind of laminate can you produce?

We can work with 4 types of lamination:

  • Cloth + cloth
  • Fabric + foam
  • Fabric + fur
  • Fabric + vinyl
Do you have the production capacity to design or match materials?
Yes, we have the expertise and ability to match or improve textile designs.

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